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The King and I

August 4, 2019 Jay 0

We’ve had a good relationship with this asset in the past, with a 32.96% gain recorded in under a month just 6 weeks ago, and […]

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It’s Elemental

July 28, 2019 Jay 0

Today we’re looking at a momentum trade in a commodity that’s a member of the periodic table of elements. Number 47, to be exact. In […]

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Listen to This!

July 14, 2019 Jay 0

Internet-based subscription services offer benefits to both parties involved in the transaction, and businesses that successfully offer such subscriptions will enjoy continued growth in the […]

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Crude in Tensions

July 7, 2019 Jay 0

Political tensions appear to be escalating between the US and Iran, with the availability of one key commodity likely to be (perceived as) affected in […]

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Automation Trends

June 30, 2019 Jay 0

This week’s tip is for an ETF that tracks two areas of tech upon which we’re becoming increasingly reliant – robotics and AI. We’re jumping […]

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Cash In Your Crypto (Again!)

June 24, 2019 Jay 0

Our first crypto positions yielded about 12% after roughly 6 weeks. That was about 6 weeks ago, but since then, we re-entered two positions that […]

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Better Out Than In

June 9, 2019 Jay 0

To quote Homer Simpson, sometimes it’s better out than in, and in our case we’re referring to avoiding trading just for the sake of it […]

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DApps Platform Momentum

June 2, 2019 Jay 0

With the steady increase in bitcoin’s ($BTC’s) price in recent months, many other cryptos are gathering momentum in its wake, including the blockchain being recommended […]

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Long Live the King

May 26, 2019 Jay 0

Today we’re getting into an instrument that has spawned a wave of revolutionary ideas that will penetrate almost if not every single industry across the […]