Take Advantage of Trade War Fears

Today’s tip is a very large organization run by one of the all-time greats, who has achieved things many were sceptical could be done. Jeff Bezos continues to lead Amazon higher and wider, and we’re looking to catch a ride on this global leader in online retail, amoung other things.

The stock is down about 10% from recent all-time highs, seemingly due to the high degree of fear in the current market on the back of geopolitical concerns, not the least of which is the US-China trade war. Our outlook is that this is likely to be relatively short-lived, especially as interest rates around the globe continue their downward trend towards and beyond zero, leaving investors with fewer options to grow their wealth.

The 5-year price chart of Amazon ($AMZN) represented as weekly candles.
Amazon ($AMZN) shows susceptibility to negative US-China news, but moves upward quickly when the geopolitical environment is more neutral to positive, as shown in the above 6-month chart (daily candles).

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