Cash In Your Crypto (Again!)

Our first crypto positions yielded about 12% after roughly 6 weeks. That was about 6 weeks ago, but since then, we re-entered two positions that have already provided us with an average profit of more than 24%, so we’re going to exit these positions now to lock in the gains and then sit on the sidelines and watch for an opportunity to buy back in on a pullback.

Trade details – BTC:

We bought bitcoin ($BTC) for $8,431.70 on 26-May-2019 and are now exiting the position today for $11,211.00. With this position, we’ve locked in a whopping 32.96% in under a month! Great job to those who executed this one.

Trade details – ETH:

Ethereum ($ETH) was purchased on 2-Jun-2019 for $267.25, and we’re selling now for $313.23, leaving us with more than a 17% gain in just over 3 weeks. Awesome.

Remember – you can get signed up with a Binance account here:

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