Delivering the Goods

Today’s tip is for a newly listed company that has yet to show a profit but provides promising growth prospects and should therefore also see its price increase accordingly as demand for its shares increases.

We’re going to get into the promising, high-growth company called Uber ($UBER), on what will be just its second day of trading as a publicly listed company.

Debut chart of $UBER shown above, as hourly candles.

Uber’s core business is as a ride-sharing service, with approved drivers acting as taxis and paying a commission to Uber for providing them with clients and with software simplifies their role as a taxi, including payment collection.

Additionally, Uber now also offers food delivery services that have seen extremely high growth, and are also developing self-driving technology for vehicles, which should see their profits soar in the coming years, when such vehicles become commonplace, as they inevitably will.

Buying in now is a bold move, and there is likely to be a high degree of volatility in the coming days and weeks, but with the stock listing at the low end of its IPO price range, with such a large lead on its competition, and such a low market saturation of services it offers, I expect we’ll see Uber’s price move higher in the coming months and years.

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