Easter Sunday Stock Tip

Happy Easter! Today’s tip is a long position in a large-cap tech company that’s been a solid performer for decades.

As a leader in a range of areas including cloud, hardware, messaging, productivity software, gaming and services, this tech giant has a broad range of strengths and a strong history proving it can manage such diversity quite well.

Today’s trade is a buy in Microsoft ($MSFT), with a view to holding the position for the long-term. As more businesses adopt its cloud-based services, this creates momentum and a stickiness that guarantees recurring revenue, which helps improve its financial agility and reinvest in its business development.

Microsoft ($MSFT) continuing to make new all-time highs.

With the $MSFT share price reaching multiple new all-time highs over the past month or so ahead of its Q1 2019 earnings call scheduled for this coming Wednesday, 24-Apr-2019 post-market, the more cautious investor may prefer to wait and see how the numbers shake out and buy in once the post-earnings dust settles, so to speak.

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